Fingerprints & Playlists (originally written 2012)

I have been thinking on this for a while now. I have been struggling with what to write on this first issue of the blog. Alas, I have not had an avalanche of ideas.

Lady Exo & The Professor

Lady Exo & The Profess

     Tonight, I couldn’t sleep. It seems late at night is when the best ideas come for many of us. And, while it may not be spectacular, it is one of the things I first think of when I think of music.

     As it has often been said the Playlist of my life has been amazing”.  It has. Each song on this playlist in some way defines me as a person, or is the melodic theme to an important memory. I can give you hundreds of songs, but will name only a few.

     The first was The Doobie Brothers. What A Fool Believes is the first song I fell really in love with. I danced for the first time in my mother’s sitting room, alone, sparked by the melody and the vocals of Michael McDonald. Next was a vacation I took with my family to the Beach. I walked alone on a virtually deserted shore in the Carolinas trying to avoid the crabs that were along the waterline. With the water lapping and a full moon, I heard music coming from a nearby tent.  Christopher Cross’ ‘Sailing’ My first album was Journey, and I listened for hours.

     I loved Elvis and the Beatles. Then came Motown. I stood in awe listening to the Supremes, and thought Smokey Robinson’s voice was like a cold glass of water. Led Zeppelin’s “All Of My Love” hit me square in the eyes, while RUSH made me see colors. Crack The Sky made me smile a little smile. Then came the Sex Pistols and the Dead Kennedy’s. Seeing ZZ Top in the eighties with a bunch of friends I grew up may still be one of the most important nights of my young life. When I was eight months pregnant, I saw Steve Perry sing “Oh Sherry” and watched as his famous long red tuxedo jacket came from above the stage down next to him.

     All this music helps to identify me. From classical to punk, big hair, and bubble gum pop, you can tell a lot about a person from their playlist. It would seem to be a ‘musical fingerprint’ if you will.  With time, this print changes, as we add new music to our collection. The people who know us best like to ‘Turn us on’ to new music. My seventeen-year-old daughter is forever posting links for me to check out.

     A couple of months ago my fiancée, business partner, and also a disc jockey, played music for me. He knows already that I love Abba and the like. But he played song after song of music I had not heard yet. He was excited that we both loved the Pet Shop Boys. He played Tracey Chapman’s ‘Talkin’ Bout A Revolution’ because he knows me that well. I’d never heard the song before and adore it now.

     …so I thought about it. We all have musical fingerprints. They include music from all over the planet. I want to experience music from everywhere. I want to know different cultures around this sphere we call home, and how we all interact with music. We have friends from all over, and music is a common theme for us.

     This is a new venture for us, and we excited to share, listen and engage with new and old music. We are interested in what you have to say about music and how it is influencing your life. All of our fingerprints are varied and interesting.. Exosphere hopes to offer a place where we can all get a chance to check out each other’s playlists, and maybe add them to ours.    K.A.H.